How to double your Sales using Social Media Marketing

Now that’s something everyone would love to have! Double Sales using the power of Social Media Marketing. But is it possible or just another catchy title?

Well, this is the eternal question. Is marketing able to boost sales or just bring the traffic into the store? Here is a real life example to answer this question.

Throughout my career as a marketer I was always in favor of the idea that marketing can move people into a buying mood and actually affect sales, not just bring people into the store and leave the rest to sales people. Of course there are numerous things in the Sales process but for a marketer to be able to deliver real tangible results for a business is always the best possible outcome.

Some time ago we took over the task to handle the marketing communication of a small but well established Brand. The Brand had two retail stores but never took retail too serious because wholesale was always their main sales driver. After a few years of economic downturn and declining sales they decided to focus more on retail sales.

Although they had good products and have been in the market many years they had done zero marketing communication for 3 years.

Our task was to use Social Media and Digital Marketing activities to revive their communication with customers, bring people into the stores and ultimately increase sales! Furthermore our budget was limited and we had to overcome that by being more creative and accurate with our efforts.

So we broke down our goals to the following parameters:

  • Use Social Media to let people know about the stores and products
  • Communicate the values and strengths of the Brand
  • Show the products and their benefits in a creative way to differentiate from competition
  • Use digital advertising to promote offers
  • Use the stores as locations of online-offline activities

We took each task and created tangible and measurable goals to transform the online image of the Brand from scratch!

The transformation included elements like a new Website and a Facebook page! It also required re-defining our target audience and understanding their needs and how the products fitted those needs. Blend that with the Values of the Brand and a creative way to communicate our message and there you are.

A big goal to achieve with limited budget and lots of work.

After 2 years of creating, implementing, evaluating, re-evaluating, adjusting and trying again our goal was achieved. Double sales for the Brand and double market share!

Now what’s the secret to a huge Success like that?

Here is a list for you to have in mind and use:

  • Analyze your situation in detail
  • Study the Brand, its Values, Products and Competition
  • Pinpoint your target audience
  • Create a detailed Social Media and Digital Marketing Plan
  • Be creative in the way you communicate the message
  • Involve the people in the organization as much as possible
  • Set real measurable targets
  • Evaluate and adjust along the way



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