Do Social Media have an age limit?

Do Social Media have an age limit? Well you probably say no but there are people who just avoid them for any reason you might think!

Some of the main ones are:

  • I don’t know how to use technology
  • I don’t want to share my personal stuff
  • I don’t find any use of them
  • They are not for my age
  • I don’t have time to waste

Although the above are true and many users have similar concerns,  we are at any era were the first children are raised with the tools and knowledge to use Social Media at a very early stage of their lives! The rest of us had to learn along the way when Social Media took our everyday lives by storm.

Through my years of teaching and training people on Social Media I have faced all the above fears and concerns. Most people I’ve met were able to go past those fears and use Social Media in a competent and meaningful way. This includes a grandad of mine who is now 85 years old.

So yes, Social Media do not have an age limit but not everyone can use them confidently and constructively.

If you are at a similar position where you do not use them in the way you would like or not at all then you need to ask yourself this:

What do I stand to lose if I do not use Social  Media properly in a world where most people use them?

If you are a professional for example then you might be loosing potential clients or the job you always wanted to land. Then the answer to the question above is “I have to lose a lot!”.

Whatever the case it is your choice to make at the end, and the only constraints we have how far we can go are the ones we put on ourselves.





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