The importance of Video on your Digital Strategy

We have talked over and over again about the rise of Video content in the past few years. As more and more Social Media networks embrace the native video feature the importance and impact of Video will continue to challenge marketers to find better and more creative ways to use it.

Below we can see on the Infographic 10 Video stats that prove exactly why you need to give more emphasis today!




As you can see from the stats above not only people like to watch more videos but also it drives traffic and sales if used on a campaign. Customers prefer to see videos about a product than read about it and it helps grow revenue 49% faster.

What troubles many marketers and Brands is what is the best way to use the power of video to bring the desired results. Some see the video as the primary content factor that will do the job on its own and some others view it as part of the overall strategy. Depending on the sector you are and the product/service you sell both could work equally well.

The fact is that videos either professionally made or amateur, have a great appeal on people who are also producers of their own content as well. This is embraced by some Brands so they can engage with customers through their own video content.

Is video part of your Digital Marketing strategy or do you face challenges using it effectively?





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