Social Media in Business (Survey Results)

On our second Survey we examine how people use Social Media in their business and which networks help them the most. In this series of 5 questions we see some trends and realities as food for thought.



On our first question we see that people chose Facebook as their preferred Social Media network (61.76%) which is far ahead from the second one which is Instagram (20.59%) and LinkedIn as the third one (11.76%). This shows that Facebook does dominate as the number one Social Media network but it is interesting to compare the above results to our second question shown in the graph below.



Here we see that despite the fact that it is a multiple answer question Facebook still dominates (61.76%) but LinkedIn in comes very close to the second place (58.82%) as a network which benefits people a lot in their business. Instagram’s impact is at third place (23.53%) but still higher than the previous question. Interestingly we see that other networks join in as beneficial for businesses although their are not people’s favorites!



In order to see if people are consistent with the recognition they give Social Media networks as beneficial for their business our third questions asks on which Social Media networks they have a business account with.

It is very interesting to see that businesses have accounts in more Social Media networks than the ones they find most beneficial. This simply means that businesses spend time and resources on Social Media that do not have any value for them. They do so though, because they may think it is necessary for their overall digital presence or that they may exploit them in the future so there is no harm having extra accounts at the moment. This is mostly evident on Twitter with a 41.18% compared to 8.82% in the previous question and Instagram with a 47.06% compared to 23.53% in the previous question.




Furthermore we have examined if people with the above trends on Social Media usage have a Strategic plan using them to promote their business.

As we see in our fourth question results, only 38.24% does! That is quite interesting because we have seen above that people tend to use many Social Media networks for their businesses even if they will not bring them any benefits. That clearly shows a lack of Strategic plan!



On our last question we examine if the people who took part in the survey also have a Strategic plan not only to promote their business but also their personal Brand.

We see that almost the same percentage of people (35.29%) have a business and personal Branding Strategic plan. That shows that most people do not find it necessary to create one or find a professional to assist them.

That creates a huge gap between people who take business Social Media seriously and those who do not. Social Media have taken the marketing and business world by storm and it will not pause or slow down anytime soon. The lack of investment on a strategic plan both on a business level and a personal level will be the main differentiation factor between successes and failures.



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