Why having a Strategy is Key for your Social Media Success

Social Media Strategy does not have much difference with any other strategy in your business life or personal life. If you want to achieve something you do not only have to work hard for it but you need a plan to get you there.

Despite the fact that most people know this, they often underestimate its importance to their long-term success. Not having a strategy will result in you losing valuable time on Social Media and with poor results and that is something you do not want to do.

So here are the most important things you need to know and act on today to get real results, much faster and be more productive at the same time!

1) Who are you: Who are you is vital to build your own Brand through Social Media. If you state clearly who you are then others will understand it easily and connect with you with no hesitations. Who you are must be the same across all the Social Media networks you use. It will state your proposition and expertise.

2) Who is your audience: Identifying your audience is crucial. By simply posting and hoping that someone will respond will simply waste your valuable time. Plan ahead who you want to reach by describing their demographics and psychographics. In this way you will make your life easier and be more targeted with your next steps.

3) How: How are you going to communicate with your audience? Are you using a Blog to write about what you know and share it? Are you using pictures with quotes or info graphics? Or are you utilizing the power of video to address to your audience? Whatever you choose must always coincide with what the audience likes. You may need to try various methods to communicate your messages until you find which has the most impact!

4) What: What Social Media channels is your audience using? It is important to study carefully and identify which networks your audience uses most. If not, you may end up spending too much time on the wrong channel and miss all the opportunities. On the other hand it is also a mistake to believe that if you use all channels available you will get more exposure and results.

5) When: When is also important on Social Media and it refers to when shall I post? Well that is again something you need to pay attention too. When is your audience active? There is just too much information out there and it is easy for your message to get “lost”. You need to be sharing your posts when your audience is active and that might seem difficult especially if your audience is worldwide but remember there are many ways now to help you schedule your posts even when you are not online!

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