When Influencer Marketing works best

On a previous post we discussed the basics of Influencer Marketing (see here)  and the 4 steps to consider before using one to promote your Brand or products.

Going a step further to explore the power and the dynamic an Influencer can give your Brand, you need to think about a few more things ahead that you will encounter on the way anyhow.

  1. An Influencer is not a one time action! An Influencer may be inclined to do a one time post on their Instagram or Facebook but it will probably cost you a lot and with little effect.
  2. Consider longer period partnerships for better results. Now there is a point where Influencer Marketing works best and a Brand Ambassador takes over. An Influencer may evolve to be a Brand Ambassador but this will be up to you to decide. Long period partnerships with an Influencer will have better results and cost you less money over time.
  3. Evaluate your campaigns for maximum ROI. You will find out that setting targets and measuring them will give you a better ROI even when using Influencer Marketing. Now it may not be that easy to do but clear targets planned ahead will give both you and your Influencer a solid outcome to achieve and thus room to continue the partnership longer for mutual benefit.

While working with many Influencers for different projects I have noticed that better results come when both parties like the concept and the story behind the desired outcome. The use of a strategy for long term commitment and post scheduling  creates a better acceptance of the content by the followers of each Influencer thus enhancing the ROI.

So if you want to maximize your return and build strong partnerships with Influencers to promote your Brand reach, plan ahead and follow the above steps.

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