Which Channels do you rely on most for your communication / advertising? (Survey results)

On a recently completed survey I asked my connections on Social Media to answer the following question:

“Which of the following channels do you rely on most for your communication / advertising?”

The question was simple and straightforward. I wanted to see which channel Companies and Individuals prefer as their number 1 choice to communicate their products or services to existing or potential clients.



As shown in the above Chart Social  Media is by far the number 1 choice followed by Digital Marketing and TV comes in the third place. Other traditional Media follow far behind in the respondents preferences.

In the next Chart we see the percentage each Channel earns and we can better understand the distance between them.



Social Media as a means of Communication/Advertising earns almost 60% as the number 1 choice for brands and Individuals.

That is 3 times more than Digital Marketing which comes second and 9 times more than TV which comes third. That is a huge shift considering Social Media were not around 10-12 years ago as an advertising option.

On the other hand if you combine Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing you get a staggering 79% of businesses and individuals depending on them as their prime source of communicating and advertising!

The results are not surprising, to me at least, and they do show the trend that has been shaping for some years now. Shops are now taking the form of e-shops and cold-calls have been replaced by warm connecting and networking on Social Media.

Your potential clients use not only the web but Social Media networks more and more in search of products and services.

The questions that arises is: “How well do you use Social Media and Digital Marketing to promote your business?” 


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