Why share your videos directly on Facebook (and not via YouTube)

Although YouTube was the platform that made sharing videos mainstream, and one of the ways to share them was through Facebook, nowadays more and more people choose to use Facebook native video.

Facebook native is the option to post your video directly on Facebook instead of just linking it via YouTube.  The question that comes to mind is what made people move towards Facebook native in the first place. According to the site socialbakers.com even though there are more YouTube videos than native ones ‘’Facebook videos generated double the amount of Comments that YouTube links did’’ (you can view the graph and analysis here)

So why share through Facebook native? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Native videos are made to be more visually appealing compared to the ones from other sources.
  2. A video gallery is created in your page with all the native videos you uploaded thus making them more accessible.
  3. They get more reach than the embedded ones.
  4. You can tag people.
  5. There is a suggest button to ‘’Like Page’’ along with the video.


Furthermore Facebook community is continuously increasing in numbers thus making the video an even more powerful way to reach more and more people. Add to that the fact that Live streaming videos are becoming increasingly popular and easy to do and you have a whole new level of sharing experiences among friends and clients across the globe.

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