3 reasons to Increase your Advertising spending Now

First of all let me start by saying that Increasing your advertising budget doesn’t mean start overspending and go crazy. On the contrary, I am always in favor of targeted advertising and optimizing your budget. Having that said let me tell you 3 reasons why amongst uncertainty you should increase your advertising spending now! 1)...
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Social Media & Digital Strategy – Thoughts from Dubai

On my recent visit in Dubai to shape the global Marketing Strategy of a Brand, Social Media and Digital Marketing were on the front scene. Either you act globally or locally Social Media and Digital Marketing are of paramount importance. Listen to my thoughts on this video.  
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Which Channels do you rely on most for your communication / advertising? (Survey results)

On a recently completed survey I asked my connections on Social Media to answer the following question: “Which of the following channels do you rely on most for your communication / advertising?” The question was simple and straightforward. I wanted to see which channel Companies and Individuals prefer as their number 1 choice to communicate...
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Why having a Strategy is Key for your Social Media Success

Social Media Strategy does not have much difference with any other strategy in your business life or personal life. If you want to achieve something you do not only have to work hard for it but you need a plan to get you there. Despite the fact that most people know this, they often underestimate...
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