Facebook makes sound on Videos a default

Facebook has recently made a serious change on how we see and hear videos on their platform. Facebook now has audio sound as a default. This is done in an attempt to people watch more videos and for a longer period of time. In this way Video as a content will receive an even bigger...
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Why share your videos directly on Facebook (and not via YouTube)

Although YouTube was the platform that made sharing videos mainstream, and one of the ways to share them was through Facebook, nowadays more and more people choose to use Facebook native video. Facebook native is the option to post your video directly on Facebook instead of just linking it via YouTube.  The question that comes...
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Why having a Strategy is Key for your Social Media Success

Social Media Strategy does not have much difference with any other strategy in your business life or personal life. If you want to achieve something you do not only have to work hard for it but you need a plan to get you there. Despite the fact that most people know this, they often underestimate...
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Social Media Fail : The Bank of Cyprus Facebook Page Launch

Bank of Cyprus has recently launched its Facebook Page marking its entrance on the most popular Social Media network. As far as we know it’s probably the biggest failure ever on launching a Facebook page and it’s coming from the biggest company in Cyprus! So why is the launching of their Facebook page a total...
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