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David Schneider Interview

I met David Schneider at the Social Media Conference in Greece and had the pleasure to interview him. Check out some amazing tips on story telling by this amazing comedian, screen writer and social media expert.
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The importance of Video on your Digital Strategy

We have talked over and over again about the rise of Video content in the past few years. As more and more Social Media networks embrace the native video feature the importance and impact of Video will continue to challenge marketers to find better and more creative ways to use it. Below we can see...
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Why share your videos directly on Facebook (and not via YouTube)

Although YouTube was the platform that made sharing videos mainstream, and one of the ways to share them was through Facebook, nowadays more and more people choose to use Facebook native video. Facebook native is the option to post your video directly on Facebook instead of just linking it via YouTube.  The question that comes...
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4 Things to consider when using Influencer Marketing

Who or what is an Influencer? In simple words, an influencer is a person with many followers on social media, who promotes brands and products through their influence on those followers. Why choose an influencer to promote your brand? Influencers act like a ‘friend’ who recommends something to you. They have already ‘used’ that product...
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Social Media Fail : The Bank of Cyprus Facebook Page Launch

Bank of Cyprus has recently launched its Facebook Page marking its entrance on the most popular Social Media network. As far as we know it’s probably the biggest failure ever on launching a Facebook page and it’s coming from the biggest company in Cyprus! So why is the launching of their Facebook page a total...
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