Snapchat marketing and geofilters

Take a guess: How many people do you think use Snapchat on a daily basis? Thousands? Millions?
The real number might astound you: Right now there are about 10 million daily video views, with 9,000 Snaps sent every second.
Yes, you read that right: Every second, 9,000 video exchanges cross this social media platform. And for marketers not making smart, strategic use of Snapchat, they might be missing out on a golden opportunity. That’s because, as with any social media platform, the users of Snapchat are a unique group. They use Snapchat because it fulfills a certain need or want for them. And there are ways you can finesse (or even start) your Snapchat use so that it works hard to build your community. For starters, it’s important that your brand exhibits its own distinct personality on the site. You have to be compelling and informative—otherwise your message will get lost.
Want more Snapchat hints? Check out this graphic.

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