Personal Branding Tips for Social Media

Branding yourself on Social Media is not much different than branding yourself outside Social Media. Consistency and coherence play a key part for successful Branding.

The first and most important thing is to define exactly who you are and what you offer to the people you wish to attract and connect to. If you are still confused about you “identity” and your proposition then I suggest you take sometime to figure it out before proceeding to the next steps.

Once you’ve got your identity right you need to communicate it across all your Social Media Channels. If you are using let’s say Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc you need to show the same identity all over. Your profile pic, your description, your state of business, interests etc must all appear the same. Even if your pics are slightly different it must be easy to others to identify you and understand they have found the right person across the various S.M. channels.

The third thing you need to consider is your content. This is again very important. Imagine if you show a professional image on LinkedIn by sharing business oriented content and then on Facebook you post all your intimate and personal views, pictures etc. This could ruin your online Brand because you show a contradictory image to prospects which will diminish your efforts to succeed without you even knowing why!


The fourth thing you need to do to build and enhance your personal Brand is to create a sense of trust around your name. Trust is earned as they say, so you need to show professionalism and provide results. This may be through your daily interactions on Social Media, the way you respond or engage with your audience or your offline work which will attract people to connect with you on S.M. Trust oftens takes the form of endorsements, reviews and recommendations in the Social Media world so have a look how you are doing in this area.

Finally you need to remember that your authenticity is what separates you from anyone else out there and builds you long term relationships. If you try to copy others or change tactics all the time then you will be undermining your efforts for Branding yourself. You authenticity, which simply means, be who you really are, and offer your honest approach on the subjects you talk about, is vital for long term results.

This article was originally presented on LinkedIn

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