Customer expectations and Social Media

Social media have changed the experience a customer has with a Brand as well as their expectations of how Brands deliver that experience. In this modern era of marketing communications people expect to be thrilled, engage in a meaningful way and have content customized and delivered to them in a non spamming way.

That is a lot for a Brand to think about yet alone to craft and execute a well planned strategy! Customer expectations have changed and Social Media are now probably the first and most important channel to engage and communicate with a Brand. Customers expect that this will be done quickly and professionally at the same time. Brands have to be available 24/7 not only to resolve problems and reply to questions but also to provide content at any time, and that has risen the bar for good!




The challenge for any Brand having an online (and thus Social Media) presence is to be able to have the means to meet and exceed customer expectations in this new field of Communicating and engaging. A one way of communication is no communication at all. A digital marketing strategy is not just promoting advertisements and content with the failure to respond and engage.



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