4 Things to consider when using Influencer Marketing

Who or what is an Influencer? In simple words, an influencer is a person with many followers on social media, who promotes brands and products through their influence on those followers.

Why choose an influencer to promote your brand? Influencers act like a ‘friend’ who recommends something to you. They have already ‘used’ that product so it makes it easier for you to trust them. As a result, it’s more ‘authentic’ and helps the brand come closer to its target audience.


There are however a few things to consider:

  1. Choose the right influencer for your product. They need to be related to your product. For example, a fashion blogger will be better suited to work with fashion stores instead of food stores.
  2. It’s not just who will present your product it’s to whom they will present it to. Make sure your influencer’s audience is your target audience.
  3. How the influencer will present it. The best way to get results is to create common ground between your product and the influencer’s interests.
  4. Since Influencer Marketing strategy is still new and evolving, you need to be informed about all the new ways of approach and the relevant research so as to know which methods are the best for you.




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