3 Social Media Trends for 2017

What are the most popular trends for social media users in 2017? What do most companies orient their efforts towards the most? Here are the 3 top:

  1. Four billion users prefer messaging apps like Messanger and Whatsapp. Brands use messaging as a more direct and immediate way to contact their customers and this will only expand further and further.
  2. Live videos. They are hailed by the users as more authentic and are more engaging with the most popular ones being Periscope and Facebook Live. Brands use it in various ways like, live streaming of events, Q&A sessions or interviews.
  3. Martech, that is Marketing Technology. More and more money is spent in social media marketing and experts believe that social media software will be used most 2017. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest already give the ability to users to purchase products directly from their sites.

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